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7 Spice (سبع بهارات)

7 Spice (سبع بهارات)

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The Spicy All-Rounder
Saba Bharat, also known as Lebanese 7-spice. Depending on the region, different spices find their way into the mix, making Saba Bharat a little element of surprise in your spice cabinet. For our Saba Bharat, we take inspiration from Maurice Houraibi's mother. It is her Saba Bharat spice that truly sends you to seventh heaven with its warm and bold flavor. The spices are ground and blended together by hand.  

Aromatic, warm, exotic. Our meat spice intentionally contains no salt. This allows the spice to be enhanced with more or less salt, depending on the dish.

Food Pairing
Saba Bharat can be found in almost all your favorite Lebanese dishes. Lebanese meat kebabs or Lebanese rice owe their distinctive smoky flavor to this magical spice. But also in Lahm bi ajeen or Kafta Saba Bharat can’t be missing. A teaspoon is often enough to infuse your dishes with the aroma of the Orient. 

Once opened, store in a dry place.



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