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Olive Oil (زيت الزيتون)

Olive Oil (زيت الزيتون)

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The Essence of Lebanon in a Bottle
Made from hand-picked olives - since always. On the family-owned plantation in Braiqaa, in southern Lebanon, the 85-year-old head of the family, Toufeeq Houraibi, still tends to the olive groves every day with the utmost dedication. Without pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers. Just olive oil in its purest form. During three weeks in autumn, the olives are harvested by hand - by the youngest to the family's oldest member. Every day they harvest, cook, laugh, and eat. Until sunset. A tradition that is cherished and enjoyed year after year.  

Strong, dark and long-lasting. Our olive oil is cold pressed, therefore preserving its rich and intense flavor until the last drop.

Food Pairing
As an ingredient, the liquid gold finds its way into just about every Lebanese dish. Too much olive oil? Unheard of in Lebanon. From classic hummus to oriental meat marinades, our Lebanese olive oil should always be close by.

Ideally, store in a dry place and protected from light.



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