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Spécialités du Cèdre

Chicken Spice (دجاج)

Chicken Spice (دجاج)

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The Only Chicken Spice you Will Ever Need
Who doesn't love Lebanese grilled chicken kebabs? That's why our spice is an ode to the famous Shish Taouk skewers, celebrated in Lebanon at street food stands and upscale restaurants alike. Our spice blend is mixed by hand and contains spices of the highest quality. This spice, by the way, is the secret ingredient of every beloved chicken dish at Le Cèdre.

Smoky and sweet and at the same time slightly spicy. The perfect combination of different oriental tastes. Our chicken seasoning deliberately contains no salt. This brings out the individual ingredients more and you can determine the salt content according to your taste when preparing marinades.

Food Pairing
From chicken skewers on the grill to a whole chicken in the oven - our spice coats all chicken dishes with an oriental seasoning and the typical Shish Taouk color.

Once opened, store in a dry place.
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